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About us

We specialize in Colombian emeralds

For more than twenty seven years, we have been engaged in the emerald market and jewelry design industry.


We acquire genuine emeralds directly from the Colombian mines. Our extensive knowledge of emeralds allows us to select the best quality gems possible. This method of obtaining from the direct source enables us to eliminate the middle business people. By purchasing directly from the mines, we are able to sell to YOU, our customers at unbeatable factory prices.

Our exclusive collection of fine genuine emerald jewelry is mostly handcrafted, thus making each piece a true and genuine one of a kind original. We specialize in exclusive designs and work with pieces in solid 14k and 18k yellow and white gold as well as platinum.


We understand that it is difficult to buy good quality emerald jewelry over the Internet and that is why we always guarantee the quality, authenticity and value of each piece we offer you-plus a 100% money back guaranteed. If you can purchase similar genuine, brand new natural emerald jewelry in any other emerald jewelry store at a lower or same price, just return the item.


Emerald jeweler specialist

Emerald jeweler 30 years experience

Emerald jewelry stores

Emeralds & jewelry Corp. is not a faceless company


  1. Sanjeev kumar says:

    Hi..I’m looking 6.5 crt genuine Zambia or Colombian emerald.how much the cost.please confirm.Thanks

  2. Angie Pineda says:

    Hello, do you have an email I can send you some pictures? Thank you

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