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How to Buy Emeralds or Emerald Jewelry

We sell only real Emerald Jewelry

With the presence of several online retailers offering single emeralds and emerald jewelry, it is difficult to know what your best option is. Some pieces are affordable while others are quite expensive. Even if you are in a jewelry store and have the item in your hands, if you are not an expert in gemstones, it’s not easy to make the right decision. Professional salespeople are seldom knowledgeable as to the details of a good quality emerald. Their goal is only to make the sale. 
Of course, price and budget are important and will determine the quality emerald you will eventually purchase. You can buy an opaque stone for a lot less than an almost perfectly transparent natural, mined emerald. Sometimes the best emerald for you is not what I think it is the best for me, it depends of your taste and budgetSee … Quality and Prices in Natural Emeralds.
Unlike in diamonds, color in emeralds is the most relevant feature but a dark emerald is usually dull because of the strong saturation of chromium and sometimes also vanadium are blocking the gemstone’s sparkling comes up.
Don’t expect to find natural emeralds that are completely free of inclusions.  They are natural stones, so you should expect flaws or inclusions.  90% of most emeralds are heavily included. Natural emeralds are never free of inclusions like other clear gemstones, such as tanzanite or aquamarine. ‘Clarity feature’ in emeralds refers to the inclusions or flaws in an emerald.  Sometimes invisible to the naked eye, these are the ‘unique fingerprints’ of all natural gemstones.
The higher carats in the emerald, the higher the price.  However, if the caratage is high, but other features like color, tone and cut are not superior, even a large emerald may not be expensive.
Treatments have been a part of the gemstone industry for centuries.  If it weren’t for enhancements, we wouldn’t know our gemstones as we do today.  Instead, we would wear them as amulets and rocks like the Incas or Colombian aborigen before Christopher Columbus’ time. See more information about gemstone enhancements at:  Treatments and Enhancements for Emeralds Gemstones
At Emeralds & Jewelry Corp., we are very exacting in our emerald buying specifications.  We buy three color hue emeralds — light-medium, medium, and deep green brilliant.  All must be without carbon spots or cracks, which is very difficult to find.  An even tone, medium saturation and deep hue are the best. 
We travel at least three times a year directly to the source and purchase high quality, hand selected emeralds at the lowest prices.  After legally importing the gems to the United States, we choose the best gold mounting for each emerald from our own designs.  To you, our customer, this is much more affordable and the photographs you see on our website are the real items for sale.  They are available today and ready to ship!  No waiting!
What must I know before buying an emerald and where should I buy one?  Read: How to tell if an emerald is real or fake?
If you are looking for a single loose emerald, you can make a list of emerald dealers in your city and visit each until you find the stone you like and at a price you can afford.  Be aware that a good search will take some time.  
If you don’t have many options in your city and you turn to the internet for help, it’s important to find out the store’s return policy.  This is one of the most important factors when buying an emerald in a gold mounting online. You don’t want to make the expensive mistake of buying an emerald that looked better online and turns out to be of much lower quality once you receive it. Study the return policy of the store carefully before buying.  Usually jewelry sellers do not have a 100% money back refund policy — only a store credit or an exchange.  They may also charge a restocking fee.
If you are buying a piece of jewelry where computer renderings are shown, this means you are ordering a customized piece or a special order item that is not returnable for refund or exchange.  This is normally why these jewelers specify two weeks to ship your item.
Most retailers online display computer made renderings (not photographs of the actual item you will receive).  What they are offering doesn’t exist yet — at least it’s not already finished and ready to ship to you.  So gold mounting has to be ordered; the right emerald (size, color and quality) has to be located and then the gem setter has to make the item.  This is a much more expensive way to buy because the store is ordering a single piece in addition to a normal 50% of profit  — all included in the price you have paid.


  1. Kimberly says:

    I am looking for a 7.05 ct emerald with the dimensions of 12.04 x 9.86 x 6.92mm by gage colour medium green. This is a replacement stone for my existing ring.

    • Hi Kimberly, emeralds are cut by hand so each emerald is unique and to find a perfect matching is very difficult; so what any professional jeweler does is to redo the head of the ring if possible for the new gemstone, in order to get it well set. The given information of the lost emerald is a very good guide about what you want, please send me one or two pics of your ring (front & side) to: emeraldsandjewelry@yahoo.com to see what can I do for you with the loose emeralds we have. I have one similar to your lost gem : Medium green emerald cut 7.74 ct.= 12.33L X 10.65W X 8.60h. Thank you for contacting us;

      Master jeweler

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