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Care for Emerald Rings, How to Clean Emerald Jewelry at Home

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Emeralds look their best when clean!

Care for Emeralds: We guarantee the quality materials and workmanship of all of our emerald jewelry. Our lifetime designs will last longer only if you wear and take care of them properly. This means not only using caution and common sense when wearing emerald jewelry, but also making sure it is cleaned, repaired and stored in a proper manner. These tips are useful for your emerald jewelry and for all fine jewelry.
Care for emerald jewelry starts with proper wear. This means knowing when to put on your jewelry and when to take it off. Put jewelry on after applying makeup, body lotions, perfume and hairspray. Avoid touching emeralds or precious stones directly with your hands because skin oils dull their appearance. Remove your emerald jewelry if you’re going to practice sports or do any manual labor, such as gardening, painting or chores at home. Rings or bracelets can be easily broken or bent if they catch or hook on fabric. Emeralds (and even diamonds!) can chip or crack if they’re knocked against a hard surface. If you wear earrings, it’s usually best to remove them while sleeping or when having your hair styled.
Dirt buildup may hasten the life of your jewelry. Visit your local jeweler at least once a year to have your fine jewelry professionally cleaned. In addition, your jeweler can spot any worn prongs, loose stones, faulty clasps or other potential problems and fix them before they become a serious problem.
If you did not purchase your emerald from Emeralds & jewelry corp. I will give you the same advice that any other jeweler would give you about how to clean your emerald jewelry: Do not use ultrasonic or steam cleaning machines. Use only soapy water. If your emerald has visible large oiled cracks, it is possible for the oil to leak out and the cracks or the natural flaws coming to the surface to become more visible. Remember, it is not the emerald that is fragile, but the unstable enhancements. Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for any damage that may befall your jewelry in your attempts to clean it.
If you are at home and after cleaning your emerald ring it shows flaws not seen before, don’t worry.  The problem can easily be corrected with the sharp tip of a toothpick.  Here’s how:  Pick up a tiny drop of baby oil (must be cedar oil but baby oil is acceptable and safe) and just touch the emerald only on the affected spot and wait for five minutes.  The oil will go inside of the flaw and refresh it.  Clean the remaining oil from the surface of the stone with a soft napkin or tissue, being careful do not spread the oil onto the rest of the gemstone.  (See photos below).
Cleaning emerald jewelry at home:  Your jewelry can be left overnight in a bowl of room temperature water and a grease removing soap.  The following day, rinse the piece with warm (not hot) water.  Using a soft toothbrush, brush lightly on the emerald’s underside and around the prongs to loosen dirt and grease.  Never use solvent cleaners like acetone.  Most of these are not compatible with the oil treatment of emeralds.    Please note:  this is a cheap and safe procedure ONLY if you bought your emerald jewelry from https://www.emeraldsandjewelry.com because we know the high quality of the emeralds we sell to our customers.  Our stones are not cracked emeralds and do not contain refilled pits.  Each emerald is hand selected and we guarantee that the quality will not change over the years. You can wear your emeralds every day and clean them as often as described here without worry of being ruined.
To remove soapy water residue, especially under the gemstone, when the piece is made we normally clean our emerald jewelry using an ultrasonic machine for no more than fifteen seconds and steam clean (for no longer than five seconds), emeralds should not be routinely subjected to high temperatures. We never use solvents like acetone or other chemical substances during the cleaning process.
Jewelry is vulnerable to damage while it’s being worn, but it can also suffer damage if not stored properly. Although diamonds are the hardest precious stones, they still aren’t free of accidental scratches. Diamond jewelry can also scratch softer stones like emeralds as well as gold and platinum. For this reason, it’s important to wrap individual jewelry pieces in tissue or place them in separate compartments in a jewelry box so they don’t come in contact with each other.
cleaning your emerald rings at home

Cleaning your emerald rings at home after overnight left in a bowl with soapy water

cleaning your emerald rings at home

and then with a little bit faucet water pressure remove the soap, finally dry it with a clean towel

cleaning your emerald rings at home

bruhs it all around removing dirt

Re-oiling emeralds:

cedar oil in emeralds

Spotting a dry surface reaching natural flaw, a pore.

Refreshing emeralds

Re-oiling emeralds with a simple oil touch, after five minutes clean it up with a napkin very careful, do not spread out the oil

oil for emeralds

A simple touch for re-oiling emeralds at home

oil for emeralds

Picking up a small baby oil drop


  1. Jayme says:

    These tips are great, and I linked to your blog on my website.

  2. GemPundit says:

    Very nice tips to care of emerald. I wear emerald stone since 2009. Which is mounted in Silver Metal. Thanks for sharing this information. Now I can take care of my emerald rings well after reading you tips.

  3. Naomi says:

    I have a ring with a .30 diamond in the center with 8 emeralds surrounding it. One of the tips is catching on fabric. Can just the tips in question be repaired. Are there questions to ask the repair service for special equipment to complete this repair? Thank you so much & your cleaning techniques are great. Any idea what this 14k ring may be worth?

    • Hi Naomi, it is not possible to say exactly how to fix your ring without to see why the prong is catching on fabric, it is just lifted up or it is broken? Almost all jewelry can be repaired, sometimes complicated and sometimes easy, depends of the kind of gemstones in the jewel and how to handle it. About the price it is impossible without to see the ring. Good luck.

  4. Drew says:

    Thanks for the great information on how to care for emeralds. This is going to come in handy for sure.

  5. Molly white says:

    I am having pearl earrings; I always take them to gold jewellery store to clean them on yearly basis. Can I clean them sitting at home myself?

    • Hi Molly, yes you can do it, but only with warm water with a grease remover soap and gently rub the earrings with a soft brush, then rinse them with clean water and dry with a soft cloth, do not use other cleaners with alcohol, bleach or solvents. Do not leave them overnight in soapy water, it can damage the pearls.

  6. lorraine says:

    I am interested in buying an emerald ring at a pawn shop . My only concern is it has a very visable dark spot off center it looks and they says its real but does it have any value the fake ones are very clear. thank for your help.

    • Lorraine: All emerald mines around the world produce mostly (90%) emeralds with black carbon spots, pirita and other minerals inclusions and there are people that like those emeralds because for them that is the guarantee his emerald is natural and at affordable price, clean emeralds are more expensive; so, probably the emerald you are interested is real but you must bring your emerald ring to a local jeweler and check it out

  7. Keri says:

    Can you just color and emerald by using jewelry cleaner I feel like my Emerald has dark spots that I didn’t think it did when I first got it

    • If your emerald is natural and just treated with oils it is probable the treatment comes out, the commercial jewelry cleaner usually contains chemicals that can affect the oil treatment, normally it does not happen but if your emerald is having changes it is because of the temporary treatments definitely.

  8. Susan Myers says:

    How can I remove scratches from the surface of my emerald ?

    • Hi Susan; A gem cutter is the person who can remove scratches or repolish a gemstone; for to do that a special knowledge and gem cutting tools and other elements like diamond disk and dust are needed.

  9. Barbara Holloway says:

    Very interesting can I clean the emerald with baby oil it is large with 22diamonds round it . thanks

    • Hi Barbara, to “clean” emeralds it is better to use a grass remover soap and a brush; after that you can refresh the emerald with baby oil but only the emerald, do not touch the diamonds with oil.

  10. Hana says:

    Hi, I’m in love with emeralds and want that to be my engagement stone, but I’m told that it’s much too “soft” for everyday use. thoughts?

    • Hi Ana; Thank you for visiting my blog, Yes Emeralds are softer than diamonds, sapphire and rubies and even those gems show they are frequently worn because of visible scratches and cracks caused for every day accidental hits and friction against hard surfaces like tables, glasses, walls etc. There are a lot of old and antique jewelry with gemstones in good condition because the owners had good care of them. If in the future you own an emerald ring as engagement you must have good care of it by wearing only to enjoy it and not for every day hit it in home shores, gardening, sports and other hard hand activities.
      More info in my page: http://www.emeraldsandjewelry.com/caring-emerald-jewelry-rings.html

  11. Ian says:

    Hi, recently cracked my 2ct square cut bezel set emerald man’s ring.Taped it on the steering wheel,sigh. It went threw I’m told ah one jeweler steamed cleaned, no oil. What can I do?

    • Hi Ian, your question is not clear for me, but if the emerald is cracked the only way to know what to do is taken the stone out of the mounting and check if it is possible to re-cut it.

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